Osmotica Pharmaceutical is a fully-integrated pharmaceutical company with demonstrated expertise in developing commercially successful products. As one of the world's leading osmotic drug delivery companies, we leverage our significant resources in R&D and proprietary drug delivery technology to address the growing need of the global patient population.

We have the resources and experience to successfully commercialize our products through our subsidiaries, Vertical Pharmaceuticals, LLC and Trigen Laboratories, LLC.

Vertical Pharmaceuticals supplies branded prescription and over-the-counter products, specializing in neuroscience and women's health. Vertical's products are marketed by our dedicated sales force throughout the United States. For more information on Vertical Pharmaceuticals visit

Trigen Laboratories specializes in generic pharmaceuticals, offering unique products across an increasing array of categories. Trigen seeks to bring value-driven generic products to patients while working with their internal team and external partners to identify and develop products. For more information on Trigen Laboratories visit

At Osmotica, we use our proprietary osmotic technology platform to develop high quality branded and generic pharmaceutical products. In addition to the products currently on the market, our pipeline includes several central nervous system and neurology-based therapeutic drugs. We have a portfolio of products in various stages of development focused on the treatment of movement disorders.

Osmotica has a track record of developing products with successful commercialization strategies around the world. We are an international group of companies with principal operations located in the United States, Argentina, and Hungary.