Drug Delivery Technology

Osmodex® Technology Family

The Osmodex family of proprietary technologies combines laser-drilled tablet technology with a variety of single-active and multiple-active drug delivery devices. Osmodex systems simplify dosing and may aid in patient compliance.

Osmodex ID Delivery for Insoluble Drugs

This platform provides flexible delivery options for insoluble drugs. It can accommodate first-order, zero-order or delayed-release options while assuring full release over the targeted timeframe. This technology has been used to solve several challenging insoluble drug delivery problems (Example: Nifedipine Extended-release Tablets).

Osmodex SD Delivery

This platform technology can be used to resolve delivery challenges of soluble low-bioavailability drugs or drugs requiring targeted delivery.

Osmodex IR/CR Combination

This platform technology provides a combination of immediate release and controlled release of either one or two drugs. This innovative approach allows an immediate release profile to be safely and uniformly combined with a programmed release according to the pharmacokinetic or pharmacodynamic needs of the product (Example: Allegra-D® 24 Hour Tablet*).

* Allegra-D® is a registered trademark of Sanofi-Aventis U.S. LLC

DuodexTM Double CR Combination

This dual-controlled release platform allows delivery of two drugs from a single osmotic tablet where each drug release pattern can be independently tailored to the desired release profile.

Osmodex Triple Combination

This delivery system incorporates compressed drug layers around an osmotic core. This combination provides the benefits of immediate-release and controlled-release delivery, along with the unique benefits of an osmotic-controlled release to achieve three different release rates in the same tablet.