Intellectual Property

Osmotica has developed a broad landscape of intellectual property that protects our drug delivery technologies and products. We optimize intellectual property coverage for each product under development to assure that its maximum potential value can be achieved, whether for our partners or ourselves. Our flexible intellectual property options also provide valuable life cycle management tools for existing product franchises.

Layered Approach to IP

We utilize a layered intellectual property approach for our osmotic and non-osmotic based technologies to maximize individual product protections. We continue to expand the scope of drug delivery solutions available. Our intellectual property includes four critical aspects that span:

  • Tablet orifice design
  • Immediate-release coatings
  • Barrier coatings
  • Core compositions

These elements work together to modulate drug release in order to achieve desired pharmacokinetics, resulting in complex hard-to-duplicate products. Our intellectual property covers our delivery systems as well as those systems' applications to various classes of drugs. Our intellectual property strategy is to aggressively file and prosecute patent applications in important markets to protect our innovations while we continue to make advancements in pharmaceutical sciences.